about myself

My hairs color is the resemblance of a crow’s feather, black as the night rises to life. My eyes are the color of vines growing around an abandoned building,
left to take over the stone, no humans to take claim anymore. My skin is ghostly pale, almost making myself believe sometimes that even I may not be a human afterall. maybe just a spirit left to roam this earth. My thin, tall body is almost enough to frighten the animals at night when I walk through the forests.

I'm a man who's lived twenty-eight years in this world, although as the years drag on, I feel like I’m aging slower than I had been before.
I'm a proud christian. I've been faithful since the day I could open up my eyes to this world I had been brought into.

the times of fearing my own mind and body do come and go. Knowing I could be dangerous to myself and others could very well be my reality. but It won’t be. I don’t have a reason for said danger and I never will. That’s at least what I keep telling myself after.